Understanding How To Learn
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Understanding How To Learn

When I started college, I quickly realized that the rest of my class was far ahead of me. In addition to struggling to understand the material, I also had a hard time working in group settings and understanding how the lectures tied to the homework. After failing my first two semesters, a helpful counselor asked me to sign up for a study habits class. In the class, I learned how to apply myself in formal educational settings, which really helped. I think that everyone should take the time to understand how to learn, so that they can be successful in their classes.


Understanding How To Learn

  • Tips For Going To College While In The Military

    28 April 2019

    Many young military members use the service as a stepping stone for college. Once military service is complete, the service member may receive funding that can assist with tuition at the school of his or her choice. But if you want to get a leg up on your future career, you could try to start taking a college course or two while you are still active in the service. Here are some tips for going to college while you are still in the military.

  • FAQs About Potty Training A Girl

    2 March 2017

    Potty training is one of the many rites of passage that your daughter will go through that can be challenging for both her and you. During the potty training process, there will be setbacks, but with patience and time, she will learn it. If you believe that your daughter is ready for potty training, here is what you need to know.   Is It Time? Each child is different, but there are some common signs that children exhibit when they are ready for potty training.

  • Why Should Early Childhood Development Programs Include Math Education?

    12 September 2016

    If it seems like words "early literacy" are the buzzwords for early childhood development and education, you're very perceptive. Skills such as reading and writing early on are major cornerstones of learning in the first few years of life. That said, early math education is quickly catching up and becoming essential in preschool and kindergarten classrooms. Why? Check out these reasons that explain the importance of beginning mathematics in the younger years.

  • 3 Things To Teach Your Teen Driver

    1 June 2016

    Cars were once seen as dangerous machines, but they have evolved into a tool that many people rely on each day. With attitudes about cars becoming more and more relaxed, it's more important than ever to teach your teen how to respect the dangers associated with driving. Here are three things you should be teaching your teen driver as he or she completes driving school in order to help him or her become a leader on the road.

  • 3 Reasons Why It Is Good For Your Child To Get Sick At Daycare

    29 February 2016

    One of the common fears that many parents have when they begin sending their child to daycare is that their child will get sick more than they would if they stayed at home. This is a valid concern. Because your child will be exposed to more people at daycare than they might otherwise, they have the potential to have various viruses and bacteria passed on to them. However, getting sick while at daycare may not be the worst thing for your child.