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Understanding How To Learn

When I started college, I quickly realized that the rest of my class was far ahead of me. In addition to struggling to understand the material, I also had a hard time working in group settings and understanding how the lectures tied to the homework. After failing my first two semesters, a helpful counselor asked me to sign up for a study habits class. In the class, I learned how to apply myself in formal educational settings, which really helped. I think that everyone should take the time to understand how to learn, so that they can be successful in their classes.


Understanding How To Learn

Tips For Going To College While In The Military

Lewis Thompson

Many young military members use the service as a stepping stone for college. Once military service is complete, the service member may receive funding that can assist with tuition at the school of his or her choice. But if you want to get a leg up on your future career, you could try to start taking a college course or two while you are still active in the service. Here are some tips for going to college while you are still in the military.

Online May Be the Best Option

It may be possible for you to attend college in person if there is college campus near the military base that you know you will be stationed at for a year or more. But any military member knows that life can change quickly. You could be sent to another military base on the other side of the country or you might otherwise have less time on your hands than you expected if the government decides that the military needs to go on standby for some reason.

For these reasons, online colleges for military members are becoming more and more popular. You can take a class or two right from your laptop, even while you are out on assignment somewhere. Online college is a great choice for the military member on the move.

Get Focused on Your Career Path

Ideally, the college classes you take in the military will be used to jump start your full-time education once you are discharged, or they could help you get a leg up on your future career path. For best results, you don't want to just take something that sounds like "General Studies" here. Figure out which courses are most applicable to your future career and see if any of the courses may be eligible for transfer credits at the four-year university you want to attend once your service is complete.

Be Aware of Your Downtime

Things can get hectic quickly in the military, but most members will have at least some downtime, especially those who are not on international duty. Be aware of your schedule every day and plan to get your studying in during these pockets of downtime. Even the 10 minutes you will be standing in line at the mess hall can be used to get some reading in if you have an ebook app on your smartphone.

For best results when attempting to continue your education while in the military, an online college may be the way to go. Reach out to an online college that works with military members today for more information.