Understanding How To Learn
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Understanding How To Learn

When I started college, I quickly realized that the rest of my class was far ahead of me. In addition to struggling to understand the material, I also had a hard time working in group settings and understanding how the lectures tied to the homework. After failing my first two semesters, a helpful counselor asked me to sign up for a study habits class. In the class, I learned how to apply myself in formal educational settings, which really helped. I think that everyone should take the time to understand how to learn, so that they can be successful in their classes.


Understanding How To Learn

A Week of Summer Fun

Lewis Thompson

Hands-on activities that you can participate in alongside your child can be enjoyed during a home-based STEAM summer camp program. This type of program will provide you with a printable schedule and a list of supplies that you and your child will need to complete each guided activity. In addition, there may be some reading materials and online support that will help you provide your child with a week of summer fun.

Wholesome and Engaging

A STEAM program focuses on science, technology, engineering, art, and math. A home-based camp is one that will allow new campers or youngsters to immerse themselves in many age-appropriate activities, without needing to leave the comfort of their home. Some parents may not be able to drop their child off at a remote camp, or may be apprehensive about allowing their young child to attend a camp by themselves.

With access to a STEAM program that can be participated in anywhere, there will be no restrictions in how an activity area is set up. A camping setup can be prepared outdoors on days when it is sunny and be arranged indoors on days when the weather is inclement. A one-week program provides a range of activities that are each vastly different from one another.

Self-Explanatory Information and Additional Support

Before you enroll your child in a home-based program, review the schedule that has been furnished for the week that you have chosen to sign your child up for the home-based program. This schedule will provide information about the topics that will be introduced and any supplies that may be needed to complete each activity. An online guide may provide pre-recorded lessons or live lessons.

If you are going to ultimately choose a summer program that is non-restrictive, you will essentially be teaching your child, but will also have online support materials that you can use as references. Most of the activities that are featured through this type of program may require materials that you already have on hand or ones that you can pick up for a relatively cheap price.

To keep your child enticed prior to and during the 'camp' experience, avoid revealing what the camp activities are until your child is going to be actively participating in each one. Separate activity stations outdoors or place them inside separate areas of your home. On the first day of camp, provide your child with a special camp outfit that they can wear while enjoying all the fun and educational activities.