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Understanding How To Learn

When I started college, I quickly realized that the rest of my class was far ahead of me. In addition to struggling to understand the material, I also had a hard time working in group settings and understanding how the lectures tied to the homework. After failing my first two semesters, a helpful counselor asked me to sign up for a study habits class. In the class, I learned how to apply myself in formal educational settings, which really helped. I think that everyone should take the time to understand how to learn, so that they can be successful in their classes.


Understanding How To Learn

4 Benefits Of Montessori Day Care For Parents

Lewis Thompson

Children can make your life complete. Most parents find joy and fulfillment in spending time with their kids. Unfortunately, most people have many additional responsibilities. It can be difficult to impossible to provide all your own childcare while still working and completing all the other tasks necessary to maintain a household. Luckily, day care providers can help. Here are four ways parents can benefit from enrolling their children in a Montessori day care center:

1. Ensure your child is properly socialized.

Socialization is very important for children. By interacting with people outside their families, kids learn how to navigate social situations. Making friends is good for your child's development, and it can improve their happiness too. Montessori day care centers allow children to get to know other kids. In a Montessori day care, children are not split up by strict age groups. Instead, your child will get the chance to know people a few years older and younger than themselves.

2. Overcome challenges intrinsic to working from home.

Many people are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home is the safest option for many people since it allows people to practice social distancing. However, your home has many distractions that your office does not. Children can be a large distraction, especially if they're too young to understand that their parents need to work. You can get the house to yourself by taking your child to day care and spend the day focusing on your work, content in the knowledge that your child is in a safe and welcoming environment.

3. Enrich your child's mind.

Montessori day care centers follow the Montessori philosophy, which recognizes the importance of independent study and self-directed learning. Montessori day cares operate under the assumption that children learn best when they're allowed to explore subjects they're interested in. Day care teachers will provide adequate supervision to keep kids safe, suggesting activities that kids might enjoy. However, for the most part, kids will be left to their own devices. They will be free to engage with their peers and partake in games and activities designed to enrich their minds.

4. Reclaim some time for yourself.

Some parents do not work full-time, instead taking part-time work or even staying home to spend more time with their children. However, even people who do not work outside the home need time to themselves. As a parent, your emotional well-being is extremely important. People who don't have sufficient time to relax can develop excess stress, which can negatively impact their health. Pursuing your own interests can help you retain your sense of individuality, which sets a good example for your children.