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Understanding How To Learn

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Understanding How To Learn

5 Accounting Tools & Accessories To Make Classes Easier For Left-Handers

Lewis Thompson

Going to school for accounting is already filled with a number of challenges. For left-handed students, achieving a degree in accounting is filled with extra challenges do to the natural types of equipment available for students. Instead of being forced to learn accounting skills on your right hand, there are numerous types of equipment that caters directly to left-handed students. By adding the following five accessories and supplies, you can make every accounting class a lot easier for your left-handed lifestyle.

USB Number Pads

When performing accounting tasks on the computer, a number pad offers quick access to functions. On a standard keyboard, the number pad is located on the right side. Instead of being forced to use your right hand or adjust the keyboard, you can purchase a USB number pad.

The number pad can plug into any USB port and give you left-hand access for inputting numbers and functions. This makes it easy to position the accessory right where your left hand is used. Along with a separate number pad, keyboards are available with number pads places on the left side. These keyboards are known as left-handed keyboards and can make it more comfortable to use for classes and homework.

Drawing Tablet

Instead of using a mouse that defaults to right-handed users, accounting students can purchase a drawing tablet for computer functions. A stylus can be held comfortably in the left hand. It allows you to easily take notes, use accounting software, and click items with the left hand.

The tablet may take a while to get used to at first, but it can become an accessory that you use every day. The tablets can be plugged directly into a computer and be purchased with a wireless connection port so you can move the drawing tablet to a comfortable position. Bluetooth technology can also make it easier to connect the tablet to a tablet or other wireless device.

Top Bound Notebooks

Showing your work and taking notes is an important part of any accounting class. When doing complicated math, every digit matters. Instead of being uncomfortable with spiral notebooks that push on the left hand, you should purchase a collection of top bound notebooks.

These notebooks have a spiral on the top instead of on the side. It makes it easy to write quick notes and not have the discomfort of a standard notebook.

Left-Handed Tablet Portfolios

Instead of using traditional computer software, a lot of accounting classes have transitioned to tablets and apps. When using a tablet accounting app, you may have to take notes or complete advanced functions. The most comfortable way to do this is with a left-handed tablet portfolio.

These types of portfolios open up to reveal the tablet on the right side with a notepad on the left. This allows you to write notes without having to reach across the tablet and accidentally tapping the screen.

Printing Calculator

A classic piece of accounting technology is the printing calculator. The standard version of this calculator features print functions and buttons located on the right side. By purchasing a printing calculator catered to left-handed users, you can have easy button access. This will make it easy to type numbers and use functions with the left hand. There are numerous designs, so you it's a good idea to try out different layouts and see what is most comfortable for your left hand.

The printing ribbon location may also be located on the opposite side of the calculator to make it easy to reading functions and ripping print-outs.

With just a few of these changes, you can make the best out of your schooling and succeed by using the hand that you are most comfortable with.