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Understanding How To Learn

Will Moving After Getting A Learner's Permit Delay A Driver's License?

Lewis Thompson

If you and your family are relocating shortly after one of your children has gotten his or her learner's permit, you may be wondering what effect this move will have on your child's ability to qualify for a learner's permit -- and eventually a driver's license -- in your new state. Because state laws governing drivers education can vary widely, the decision whether your child should take drivers education now or wait until you've arrived in your new state can be a tough one. You'll also want to be aware of the driving requirements in your new state to ensure that you and your child aren't inadvertently breaking any driving laws or regulations. Read on to learn more about how the learner's permit and drivers education credits can transfer to your new state.

Will a learner's permit transfer to another state?

Each state has its own minimum age for new drivers, and the ability for your child's learner's permit to transfer to your new state largely depends upon your child's age and the minimum age requirements of your new state. For example, if your child is 14 and you are moving from Alaska to California, your child will need to wait until he or she is 15 and a half before he or she can obtain a valid learner's permit in your new state. On the other hand, if you're moving from a state with a relatively high age limit to one with a lower limit, your child may be able to drive solo long before he or she had anticipated before your move.

Some states also have rules governing the ability of an out-of-state permit holder (who is otherwise of legal age) to drive in their state. If you're moving to a state with laws that restrict these drivers, your child will likely have to apply for a permit in your new state in order to drive without being cited. However, if your new state offers learner's permit reciprocity with your former state -- or if your new state has no restrictions on out-of-state permit holders -- your child will likely be able to continue to use his or her out-of-state learner's permit until the time comes to apply for a driver's license.

Will your drivers education credits transfer to another state?

If your child has already taken a drivers education course to help lower insurance costs or allow him or her to qualify for a driver's license at a younger age, you might be wondering whether these education credits will transfer to your new state to allow your child the same benefits. And if your child hasn't yet taken drivers education, you may be debating whether it's worthwhile to put off the process until you are settled in your new location.

Your first step is to find out whether your new state requires drivers education in order for young drivers to qualify for a license. In some states, drivers education is mandatory for all new drivers, while in others it is optional or is used only for discounting auto insurance. If your child has a certificate of completion from his or her previous drivers ed course, he or she may be able to "test out" of drivers ed in your new state -- however, some stricter states will require your child to retake drivers ed in order to be eligible to receive a driver's license.

If your child hasn't yet taken drivers ed, be sure to carefully review the requirements for your new state before enrolling him or her in a course in your old state. If you're moving to a state in which drivers ed is optional, you may want to get an auto insurance quote to determine how much money this course would save you in lowered premiums before deciding whether your child should take drivers education.